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BMW R1250R LC Shift-Cam

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BMW R18 Forum

General discussion forum for the BMW R18
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  1. BMW R1200R/R1250R LC Accessories Forum
    It really works! Fits in navigation bracket and just works. Phone is wirelessly charging. Just put it in, no cables to mess around. Very solid build, heavy, it’s thick metal with strong plastic. Ordered from Aliexpress US $49.27 6% OFF|Mobile Phone Navigation Bracket Motorcycle Wireless...
  2. On two year old bike with new tires I am unable to get recommended Front 36 / Rear 42 PSI to show up on bike's display. it's always shows around 34-35 front and 40-41 rear. I have electric pump that I set to 37 or even 37.5 to get tire pressure to show 35-36. At gas stations is same story, the...
  3. This is new. I have to Verify every time I sign in and for every post. WTF? Is there a work around? Sooooo annoying and will limit how much I bother to visit.
  4. BMW R1200R General Discussions
    Still waitin for delivery of my bike plus a recent op on my shoulder and hand is gonna keep me out of saddle for a while but will enjoy readin your adventures plus pics.
  5. BMW R1200R Tech and Performance Chat
    Hi all, I've just upgraded from my 1995 R1100R to a 2012 R1200R and have an initial question about battery tenders. I don't ride that often (I hope to rectify that with the new bike), so the 1100 used to sit on a fairly standard battery charger connected through the 12V accessory socket to keep...
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