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  1. INTROs -- New Member Introductions & Photos
    Hi everyone! I'm an engineer living in Massachusetts and the proud rider of a 2017 R1200R. This is my second bike, the first being an er-6n that I lovingly road for all 18,000 of its miles before I sold it after 7 years. I purchased my R1200R in October of 2021 and have just shy of 4500 miles...
  2. INTROs -- New Member Introductions & Photos
    As a new member, I am looking to share information about modifications that work and those that don't in the hope of building my ultimate R1250 R - I have made a start as the picture, but still have lots that I want to do and have some questions I will look to you guys for help and experience of...
1-2 of 2 Results