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  1. 2015+ R1200/1250R LC General Discussions
    Hi all, I'm new here, so hello! I'm looking at a LC r1200r with just over 50k miles. Does anyone have any advice on how this model lasts with high miles, and/or what to look out for with such a high mileage machine. It has full BMW service history and good protection additions such as pain...
  2. Bikes For Sale
    Hi - I'm parting with my '16 R1200R, white/red, 42k miles, and loaded with all the packages & options (premium, sport modes, DTC, heated grips, High + regular seat, quick shifter, keyless ride). Clearwater lights & engine guards installed, with all stock items (engine fairings, sport shield)...
  3. 2015+ R1200/1250R LC Technical & Performance
    Hi everyone. I've got a 2018 R. After doing some accessorizing, I've got quite a bit of stuff under the seat. I went to open it yesterday, and it won't. Pushed, pulled, sat, and bounced on both seats one at a time, and simultaneously. Nothing works. I don't want to break my key off in there. I...
1-3 of 3 Results