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  1. For Sale – R1200/R1250 Bikes
    For sale, my black 2007 BMW R1200R motorcycle. 22,800 miles. It's in really great shape ! Has heated grips and ABS brakes. New back tire from Bob's BMW last year. Front tire is in fine shape. Fuel gauge works perfectly. Oil and filter changed end of last season. Rides great. Bike is much faster...
    $5,000 USD
  2. For Sale – R1200/R1250 Parts
    Vstream tall windshield value $750 (exchange rate, shipping, import fee incl); BMW OEM sport windshield value $400; BMW OEM small wind deflector value $145. All together for $500. Vstream offers a nice quiet ride, the sport windshield looks better but less wind protection. You will be able to...
    $500 CAD
  3. For Sale – R1200/R1250 Parts
    Sargent seat
    $100 CAD
  4. Wanted – R1200/1250R
    WTB - Sport Seat (840mm, High) for 2015+ R1200R. Will pay for shipping to Ontario Canada. Please let me know if you have one for sale... thanks
    $1 CAD
  5. For Sale – R1200/R1250 Parts
    WTB - Sport Seat (tallest one at 840mm high) for 2015+ R1200R. Will pay for shipping to Ontario Canada. Please let me know if you have one for sale... thanks
    $1 CAD
  6. For Sale – R1200/R1250 Parts
    I purchased a Sargent tall seat, so no longer need the OEM seat from my 2016 R1200R - 790mm. It has been used ~12K miles. Excellent condition, basically like new. No tears, gouges, etc. Prefer local pickup but will ship. Buyer pays shipping.
    $350 USD
  7. For Sale – R1200/R1250 Parts
    Original stock windscreen that came on my 2017 R1200R. No visible scratches or blemishes. just need shipping costs plus $50 covers shipping costs anywhere in US. It just needs a good home :)
    $50 USD
  8. Wanted – R1200/1250R
    Mine has 13k miles and needs nothing (serviced at 12k) Loaded with ESA, TPMS, heated grips All 3 vario bags and negotiable on Aeroflow windshield and BMW low seat (have stock seat and windshield as well) 16 tooth front sprocket which woke this bike up (have stock 17t as well) KC metro area...
  9. For Sale – R1200/R1250 Bikes
    I am the original owner of this bike. It is a very beautiful piece of German engine-uity. Sadly, I no longer have enough time to ride it as often as I wanted to. The bike is garaged year round with OEM BMW battery charger when not used. I'm motivated to sell. The bike is also listed on cycle...
  10. For Sale – R1200/R1250 Bikes
    Hi - I'm parting with my '16 R1200R, white/red, 42k miles, and loaded with all the packages & options (premium, sport modes, DTC, heated grips, High + regular seat, quick shifter, keyless ride). Clearwater lights & engine guards installed, with all stock items (engine fairings, sport shield)...
  11. 2015+ R1200/1250R LC Accessories Forum
    I have Wunderlich's really awesome Active Comfort Seat for my 2012 R1200R Classic. BUT, what is not so awesome is that it recently broke on the part of the seat that latches into the bike. I'm out of warranty and Wunderlich isn't going to give me another for free. Tried my own epoxy repair and...
  12. 2015+ R1200/1250R LC Accessories Forum
    Hi, I'm trying to get my head around all the different OEM seats that are available, these are the ones I've found: Rider's seat low (760MM) (52538534317) Rider's seat (790MM) (52538534316) this seems to be standard on R1200R in Europe Rider's seat, high (820MM) (52538534318) this seems to be...
  13. 2015+ R1200/1250R LC Accessories Forum
    Hi all! Since last summer I've started feeling pain in the left foot after a long periods of riding (let's say 3+ days with 6+ hours riding per day). Most probably age, weight and folded legs position contribute to this pain. When I return home it takes few weeks for pain to pass. That's why...
  14. BMW R1200R For Sale - Camhead/Hexhead Parts
    Selling the Corbin seat I had on my 2012 R1200R Classic. Should fit all Hex Head generation Rs. I only had it for a year before I traded in for a GS Rallye. It is a genuine brown bomber leather seat with black grippy vinyl sides and black stitching. I paid over $500 new. Asking $200 to sell to...
  15. Wanted – R1200/1250R
    So made my first commutes on the bike this week and starting to see the needs for long term commitments. Spent $1000 bucks between tax and registration and tires on my cheap bike this week. o_O Hoping someone might have bits a little cheaper than retail. Would love Wunderlich peg lowering...
  16. BMW R1200R For Sale - Camhead/Hexhead Parts
    SOLD >>>> BENCH SEAT, BLACK - 800MM Part # 52 53 7 706 416 $125 + shipping ConUS
  17. BMW R1200R For Sale - Camhead/Hexhead Parts
    Used R 1200 R Set Case Holder # 71607700008. Listing is for case holders only, left and right. Does NOT include mounting screws. Removed from my 2009 R1200R. Used and in great condition. Fully functional. Slight indications of wear at mount points for system cases. $50 + shipping ($15 estimate...
  18. For Sale – R1200/R1250 Bikes
    Ohlins suspension front and rear - 33385 miles Alternator Belt changed already as preventative maintenance ABS with trip computer Full maintenance records; shaft pulled and lubed with every other rear tire change; tires in good condition; valves and throttle body sync done at correct intervals...
  19. 2015+ R1200/1250R LC Accessories Forum
    I am fairly tall, 6.3" and when I straighten my posture and my back, my palms are completely off grips and only mid-fingers touch the grips. Everyone installing standard risers that's is 25mm. I am wondering if that's too little for me, how can 25mm make significant difference? I am looking at...
  20. 2007-2014 R1200R General Discussions
    Hey guys, new to the forum and not sure if this is right place for this thread. I came across a tempting local listing on CL. 2015 R1200R, "launch edition", comes with all electronics - D-ESA, lean angle ABS, ABS-Pro, gearshit pro, BMW nav, BMW top & side cases, Puig touring windscreen...
1-20 of 21 Results