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  1. LC Parts
    For sale my lightly used WRS Standard Windscreen for BMW R1250r 2019, 2020 and 2021, model # BM055T. Originally paid $125 for it shipped. Asking $75 or best offer. Might fit 2023, however there is very little information about the new model, so can't confirm. You need to have BMW R1250R Screen...
    $75 USD
  2. Parts For Sale
    New-to-me 2007 R1200R came with a Givi windscreen which I found too tall. No screen is fun, but I do a fair amount of highway, and some wind protection would be nice. Looking to purchase an OEM BMW Sport Windscreen, 2007-2014. Tinted, clear, whatever. I'll need the complete kit, screen...
  3. R1200/1250RT
    All four of the windshield support arms broke after I lost my footing on some gravel last weekend. The windshield is intact and has no damage. I was able to track down a whole new assembly with a motor and all four support arms. The current electric windshield motor still works. I'll keep...
  4. Parts For Sale
    Vstream tall windshield value $750 (exchange rate, shipping, import fee incl); BMW OEM sport windshield value $400; BMW OEM small wind deflector value $145. All together for $500. Vstream offers a nice quiet ride, the sport windshield looks better but less wind protection. You will be able to...
    $500 CAD
  5. 2015+ R1200/1250R LC Accessories & Appearance
    With warmer months ahead, I'm thinking of getting a smaller windshield to compliment my barn-door CalSci, which does a decent job in colder months, rain. WRS looks like one of the few options that would allow mounting using r1250r BMW bracket. I'm specifically looking at STANDARD WINDSCREEN WRS...
  6. Camhead/Hexhead Parts
    SOLD - Windshield sport clear and windshield bracket off '07 R1200R excellent condition. $150 + shipping ConUS Part number: 46 63 7 697 209 46 63 7 697 210
  7. 2007-2014 R1200R Accessories & Appearance
    Hey folks, I just bought a 2008 r1200r which didn't come with any sort of windshield bracket. Did this year come with a stock bracket? I'd love to get my hands on one ASAP and/or would love recommendations on best options for hard mounting windshields. I do a lot of long distance riding, am...
1-7 of 7 Results