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Rode my Classic R12R bike to the dealer for it's first annual service today. I bought it second hand at the end of last summer, but it was only a few month's old (last years model). Previous owner changed his mind and went for a R12RT. Lucky me because he put all the special bits you can buy on the bike I bought and it was virtually new with only 2K miles on the clock.

For one reason or another I only managed to clock up another 2 - 3 K miles since, so it's service was at 4,400K miles. I managed to agree that I'd get the 1st service and a courtesy bike as part of the deal when I bought the bike. The courtesy bike was a R12RT so I did 50 miles on that.

I'd been thinking about screens, as you do when you ride a R12R :001_unsure:. Anyway, verdict: I prefer my R12R to the R12RT (which reminded me of my previous bike a PAN - yawn) and I prefer the Classic with just the sports screen. Me being me thinks the larger screens will spoil the looks of it.

Anyway, I did buy an Optimate 4 for my battery. For health and weather reasons I haven't been on my bike much this past winter and I was getting a little worried about the battery. So I'm hoping that with help my battery. I like the little socket on the side of the bike, where the Optimate can just plug in.

I also got the mirrors replaced under warranty as the off-side mirror has white chalky type patches appear under the surface of the mirror, which was strange as I'd never seen that before. I got the engineer, a great guy, to make sure the mirrors were tightened to their correct torque too. Cheers, Pete
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