Parting ways with my 2007 BMW R1200R roadster. In excellent condition and all recalls completed. Only thing wrong with it is the infamous fuel strip. You can have another one installed with a factory warranty, or as most of us do, use the odometer as this bike gets 250+ miles to the tank anyway.

Features and modifications include:
  • ASC (traction control)
  • ABS (recently rebuilt pump)
  • RDC (tire pressure monitoring system, both sensors just replaced)
  • ESA (Electronically adjustable suspension, for damping and rear preload. Recently rebuilt or replaced. Spare rear shock included)
  • Factory heated grips
  • Wunderlich Trophy Fairing (with 2 windscreens)
  • Tusk aluminum handlebars (low sweep, stock bars included)
  • Bar risers
  • OEM high comfort seat with very low miles.
  • Aerostich sheepskin seat pad
  • Spiegler braided and extended front brake line
  • EBC HH pads front and rear (full spare set included)
  • Magnetic drain plug
  • Shorai Lithium battery
  • SAE plug for battery tender
  • RAM ball mount
  • Barkbuster Storm handguards
  • Techspec tank pads
  • "Abdeckring" fitted to fuel tank cap
  • Delkevic stainless exhaust (dyno baseline completed at 2WDW to confirm no fueling changes required. 103hp, 80 ft-lb)
  • 3 piece hard luggage (OEM saddlebags, GIVI top case with backrest)
  • Top mount LED brake light (bright!)
  • Joe Rocket magnetic tank bag and MSR 30oz fuel cannister
  • Fender extenders front and rear
  • OEM cylinder head protectors
  • R&G sliders front and rear
  • Digital copy of factory service manual
  • Haynes manual
  • Many, many other spare parts and tools I am forgetting...

GS-911 diagnostic tool with only one VIN used available for an additional cost.

Maintenance/Repairs history
25007 8/29/2017 Wheel Flange recall
25007 8/29/2017 Remanufactured ABS pump R/R
40075 3/23/2021 Fuel pump R/R under recall
18000 2014 Valve adjustment
18000 2014 Alternator Belt
18000 2014 Final Drive Fluid
27155 1/6/2018 Valve check (perfect)
27155 1/6/2018 Spark plugs (all 4)
27200 1/20/2018 Fork seals, bushings, and oil
27200 1/20/2018 Air filter
27390 1/28/2018 Oil and filter
29500 5/14/2018 Brake fluid flush (front and rear)
30300 6/4/2018 Transmission Fluid
30486 6/20/2018 Final Drive Fluid
31040 7/11/2018 New front tire (PR5)
32195 8/2/2018 Oil and filter
34500 5/16/2019 New rear tire (PR5)
35212 6/23/2019 Valve check (perfect, except for slightly loose left/lower intake)
36000 12/9/2019 Oil and filter
39000 8/4/2020 Installed low mile rear shock
40041 2/1/2021 Air filter
40041 2/1/2021 Rebuilt front shock, r/r bushings
40041 2/1/2021 Fuel Filter
40041 2/1/2021 Rear brake pads + hardware
40128 3/27/2021 Oil and filter
40600 5/12/2021 Front brake pads + cleaned all hardware
40600 5/12/2021 Brake fluid flush (front and rear)
40600 5/12/2021 New front tire (PR5)
41898 7/9/2021 Inspected alt belt. No signs of deterioration. See pics.
43000 8/2/2021 New rear tire (PR5)
43000 8/2/2021 New rear TPMS
44000 8/7/2021 Valve check
44500 10/3/2021 Final Drive Fluid, lube splines, clean gaiter.
45183 10/23/2021 TB sync and new front TPMS sensor
45400 11/7/2021 Oil and filter

As you can tell, this bike has been obsessively maintained, and I'm kind of sad to see it go. Only reason for selling is because I'm switching to a newer Yamaha. Conflicted, as the BMW is by far the better handling and better looking bike.

Clean title in hand. Asking just $4500 now.