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This is my personal configuration on my NEW Rocket Ship BMW R1250RS


RKA ... 19.5 liter INC-Tankbag, 36 liter Rack bag, 50 liter Saddlebags Shown closed, all pieces are expandable, Also I am using the BMW Hardcase RKA Liners inside our saddlebags!

Up Front

Dual Cameras mounted front & Rear, Hornig GPS mount, AeroFlow Smoked taller screen,
Helibar risers, Perfect Squeeze "Juiced" phone holder & Charger placed on the RKA dashboard

To the rear

Corbin Seat, Remus Pipe
AND my Rubber duckie

Going to some rallies soon, Mariposa, Great Falls and more
YOU can prep your motorcycle just like mine or however you want from the "Daytripper" to The "Long Hauler"
Give us a call 707 836 7659 or send a note to [email protected]
Or visit our website for more information,

Here’s the deal.
As new R1200R sponsors Kathy and I want to introduce ourselves and make you a nice deal
From right now until May 18th, two weeks, RKA will offer you a 20% discount when you purchase THREE (3) pieces of luggage.
This offer is for call in orders only there are no codes or secret words on the website. ;-) 707 836 7659

Examples would be ….
1: "Daytripper" setup: 3 liter Allegro tankbag, 14 liter STARR I seatbag, 33 liter Saddlebags
2: "Long hauler" setup: 26 liter Sonoman tankbag, 36 liter rackbag, 50 liter saddlebags
3: "Nomad" setup: 19.5 liter tankbag, 21 liter seat bag or rackbag, Hardcase liners.

Any three pieces of luggage that floats your boat.
Kathy and I will include a “Rubber Duckie” for you, to be your mascot.


Richard & Kathy
707 836 7659
[email protected]
Wanna talk to the boss?
[email protected]

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