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Anyone Familiar with a Screaming Banshee Horn System?

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I am curious if anyone out there has installed a screaming banshee horn system on their r1200r. I have installed one on my ZR-7 and I am looking to put it on my 2012 r1200r, however I have a little pause after reading up on the cambus electronics system. The banshee install requires a couple of spliced connections to the stock horn and also into the headlight wiring.

Is there anything to be concerned about and how the cambus might react?
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Quick status update on this project. I attempted to go ahead and install the Banshee system this afternoon as I have tracked down the location of the horn on the R1200R and the necessary wiring. It appears that there shouldn't be any major wiring or power issues, except that the horn on the R1200R has a special connector to it, which I will likely just have to tap into.

My biggest hurdle today was finding a mounting location for the horn. Being that this is essentially a naked bike, I thought I would have no problem at all. Boy was I surprised. I couldn't find a clear spot on the frame to mount up to.

I originally referenced this video as a placement spot, but the Banshee won't fit behind the newer forks. Hupe Horn BMW R1200R by Hornig - YouTube

After scratching my head for about 30 minutes it looks like I will install it on my slider bars as there is a nice little hole on them what appears to be for that sort of thing. I had to order a new 90 degree mounting bracket.

If anyone has any thoughts or comments or better mounting placement ideas, let me know.

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Photo 2
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Photo 4

I help you out with the picture posting. but can't think of any other place to put the horn in.

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