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I am a relative newcomer having purchased a 2007 R1200R in August last year. Living in Minnesota, it will be some period of time before we will be riding again between the snow and the potholes big enough to swallow a motorcycle.

I have, therefore, been living vicariously through the posts on this forum, particularly enjoying the pictures and trips that have been posted. In that vein, I had the opportunity two weeks ago to spend a couple hours in the Barber Motosports Vintage Musuem in Birmingham, AL. That was literally not enough time to even scratch the surface of the musuem's collection -- approximately 1,200 bikes, of which about 600 are on display at any one time (not to mention the cars included in the collection).

The space itself is one of the most impressive facilities that I have had the opportunity to enjoy. Five stories of exhibit space, with a large atrium in the middle. You start by taking an elevator in the middle of the atrium -- don't mind the vertigo-inducing view from the all glass elevator -- to the top floor and work your way down on a large circular walkway around the elevator. This picture doesn't do the space justice, but you can get a feeling for the space.

As I worked my way down through the museum, I found a number of interesting BMW motorcycles. The first was an R4 from 1933:

The next was an R12 from 1939.

After that I ran into a R75 3x2 from 1943, complete with a machine gun on the front of the side car.

I then found a beautiful R60 with a Steib side car from 1966.

After that it was an R60 from 1969.

Followed by an R69, also from 1969.

[Please excuse me if my notes are a bit jumbled. I know I have the R# correct for each bike, I may have screwed up the year in one or two cases. I also could not figure out how to embed the pictures in the post; but the thumbnails appear in the order listed in the post.]

In short, it's an amazing facility. If you ever find yourself within a stone's throw to Birmingham, I would highly recommend you go to the museum (and plan to have more than two hours to go through it). I'm actually thinking about going back down for their Vintage races in October.


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Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

Thank You for the wonderful pictures gracehall1980. I would love to visit Birmingham,AL and see this great collection. The level of restoration is amazing. My friend has several antique BMWs. It's fun to putt around on them. One day we drank beer and swapped stories as the sidecar was warming itself up for an oil change. (click full frame on video)They're great for grocery shopping, too.
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