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R1200R Belly Pan

1. There are at least 3 different belly pans available for the R12R. Hornig has a CF one for approx. $567 US/399 English pounds that permits the retention of your center stand. The other two do not (one is offered by AC Schnitzer, and the third I believe by Wudo, but I'm not sure). This is a key distinguishing feature. I no longer have the specific prices for the AC Schnitzer and the third model, but my recollection is that they were significantly more expensive than the Hornig.
2. Note, however, that according to Hornig their belly pan reduces cornering clearance by approximately 2cm (3/4 of an inch). I found - - and still find - - this hard to believe, given the geometry of where the belly pan is located relative to the ground (and the cylinder heads) when the bike is heeled over. However, when I contacted Hornig and specifically asked whether they meant ground clearance (which would make sense) rather than cornering clearance, they insisted it was the latter. If you become interested in one of the other manufacturers' pans, you should ask about this specifically, so there are no nasty surprises.
3. Lastly, a matter of taste: To me, the bike looks very odd with a belly pan unless it also has a cafe-type fairing; the belly pan just doesn't "go" stylistically with an unfaired headlight and sport (short) windscreen; a taller touring-type windshield looks even worse. Compare the photos of the belly pan-equipped bike on the Hornig site (which has a sport windscreen) with the photo of a belly pan + cafe/quarter fairing-equipped bike on the Wudo site and you'll see the difference. IF you agree with me, therefore, realize that you may be looking at buying a cafe/quarter fairing too if and when you get a bellypan.
Hope this helps.

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That was an informative post by lawmandean. Thanks!
Aftermarket items for the R1200R are slowly increasing.
Hey wylecoyote, I think the Hornig belly pan looks good !
A small fairing would go well, but if you like the belly pan alone, go for it.
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