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I didn鈥檛 know whether to laugh or cringe in fear that someone might take you seriously
Well, I actually have one of the dreaded Lancelot death machines; I sometimes make chairs as part of my other hobby. It鈥檚 perfect for dishing the seats. I also have two regular chainsaws, and know how to use them and maintain them - Canadian, eh. I also used to ride a Kawasaki rubber-frame H1 at insane speeds when I was younger and more bouncy. I still have all my limbs with all digits still firmly attached. I wear proper protective gear, and think about what I鈥檓 doing. I guess I鈥檓 also gonna have to start using large numbers of emojis when joking about using power tools in inappropriate ways, to save the naive from serious harm.


Sturgeon鈥檚 safety tip of the day - don鈥檛 put your bare fingers on the red parts when cutting and welding with a torch. I鈥檓 serious. DON鈥橳 DO IT!

As for the cutting job in question, I鈥檓 with you @Panzermann , A coping saw and a bit of sandpaper would be my choice. Save electricity and the exercise is good for you.
1 - 4 of 40 Posts