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Newbie here and possible sponsor.
Just picked this baby up last Friday and left my RT at the dealer.
"Black Velveteen" she is.

Leaving the rig at the shop and riding this puppy to Great Falls for the BMW National in June.
Here is what's happening
LUGGAGE ... RKA of course .... I AM RKA ;-)
This is stock Black & Silver. Mine will be Charcoal piping to be more stealth Finished photos soon
Luggage is done just waiting on the list to be filled ;-)

DONE ... RKA IN-Charge tankbag with dashboard and Hondo Garage Perfect squeeze phone holder and TPX Radar.
DONE ... Helibars .
DONE ... Aeroflow larger screen
DONE ... Dual camera front and rear video
Waiting ... Corbin custom seat Black charcoal
Waiting ... REMUS Black Hawk pipe.
Waiting ... Horning GPS holder (relocating to above TFT).
Waiting ... Did also order hardcases BLACK and the rear rack
Waiting ... NEW NAV VI

Once everything is installed the photo shoot begins ;-)

Feel free to ask any questions



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