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CarPlay for Motorcycles

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This might be a useful option for those not wishing to mount their phone on the bars. It’s also glove friendly, which is a boon.

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If of decent quality, that's a heckuva price for a cell-phone substitute. Too bad it isn't compatible with the current stock cradle for a stock look (and powering). That empty cradle is bad enough, I don't think I'd want this bracketed next to it. For those not bothered by clutter as much as I am, though, it appears to be a very interesting option.
If your not using the cradle, you could probably remove it and fix the CarPlay unit to it, maybe using the rear part of the cradle it a fabricated block to match the four RAM-style plate holes.
Note, of course, it doesn’t replace your actual phone, merely providing a CarPlay interface to it. But a hiccup seems to be that while it can pair with a helmet headset, only the speaker functionality operates, not the microphone.
I have my Nav6 and my iPhone mounted (latter on a charging base). The biggest issues with the phone for navigation are that the screen is not designed for gloved hand use and pop up alerts that obscure the screen and are difficult to dismiss. I do have a stylus in the top zip pocket of my tank bag when touring, but that’s only useful when you have tine and space to safely use it.
I do have one pair of gloves that are touch-screen suitable, @mikeS, but even so, nowhere near as accurate as needed with apps/keyboard designed around finger usage.
Good point, @serrge, re settings. Hadn’t thought of that.
I'm not certain I understand the issue - I use Waze and google maps as well as my Nav. With Waze and Maps, I have notifications set on alerts only when navigating. All my gloves are touchscreen friendly. However, any brand glove never gives the fine touch of skin-to-screen.
Some like to have their phone in their pocket rather than mounted on the bike, should they and the latter part ways.
Just as in a car-mounted CarPlay situation, the apps are optimised for driving (hence riding) use/interface, and as you say, are more glove friendly.
Most phones aren’t IP67 waterproof, some Samsung models being an exception, so unless you’ve fitted a good screen, mounting on the bike may not be practicable. I watched a movie last night where not only did the phone still operate under 25 metres of icy water, it still had reception! I couldn’t catch the brand/model …
And finally (as if .. 😅) if some don’t ‘get it’ because they have no use for phone functionality mounted on their bike, then they don’t need to ‘get it’. Heck, I don’t need tassels on the end of my handlebars, but all power to those who have fitted them.
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Thanks for the intel on iPhone IP ratings @serrge - I wasn’t actually aware my XS was IP67. It won’t cable-charge though if moisture gets in the Lightning port.
Re the comment on alternative navigation apps, some (many?) are designed to work with CarPlay, which is something of a plus for the CarPlay screen over buying a GPS device if those apps suit you.
... If you do and genuinely want the best of both worlds, get yourself a used or new BMW Navigator …
plus a CarPlay unit - best of three worlds 😂
Of course you could go the whole hog and set up an Android tablet as your navigation (and other app) device.
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