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CarPlay for Motorcycles

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This might be a useful option for those not wishing to mount their phone on the bars. It’s also glove friendly, which is a boon.

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I'm not certain I understand the issue...
Neither do I. My mobile is firmly mounted in the inside pocket of my jacket, in the powered off position. If I even remember to bring it. Never felt the need to use it for much of anything, except to communicate with my children and grand-children, certainly not for moto navigation. I don't even use my Nav V very much; it's most useful to me when I'm riding in a non-metric country, so I don't have to translate speed limits in my head.
I watched a movie last night where not only did the phone still operate under 25 metres of icy water, it still had reception! I couldn’t catch the brand/model …
I think that was probably the MakeBelieve 9000x.
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Must have been the Pro edition, 6G. You know, it uses wave-sync...
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