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Although the highway is open from the 120 to the 212, I was only able to complete about 13 miles. I had to stop at the Dead Indian Summit Overlook as the road was under repair and covered with loose gravel. The winds were extremely heavy and my bike would move even on a solid surface, so I wasn't about to take a chance.
Tire Wheel Sky Land vehicle Vehicle

Cloud Sky Mountain Plant Natural landscape

Dead Indian Summit Overlook

Sky Cloud Plant Mountain Natural landscape

Cloud Sky Plant Mountain Natural landscape

Unfortunately, the Beartooth Highway is still closed, but that gives me a reason to return.

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Did you stop and use the restroom on CJH? I was doing the road when the burritos from the night before demanded an audience. The facilities are basically modern outhouses. So, there I am, middle of summer, with arctic air blowing up my backside, and I was there for 20 minutes trying to relax enough to let the burritos free.
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