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I'd like to reset the MPG display when I fill up. The manual is not helping me learn to reset this function and I'm certain there is a way.

If you know how to do this, please let me know.

Also, I like to leave it on the TPM display, but it was auto resetting for total mileage. I suppose this is a program to remind you of a service interval. In my case it was the 600 mile first service and once I had it serviced, it stays on the TPM.

Is there a way to over ride this function too?

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You can reset MPG/average speed, by holding the function button down for few seconds. The same as resenting both trip counters.

I'm not sure on the tire pressure monitor one, I wouldn't worry about having it on display all the time, based on experience, I know you will know when you tire is low, that's why you have it on first place.
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