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Correct Tire Pressure ?

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I just got a 2012 R1200R and was wondering what the correct tire pressure should be ? It came from the dealer with 32 PSI up front and 40 in the back. Cannot find any reference to what a good value is for one up riding.
Tedd Riggs
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I don't agree: both the Riders Manual and the under-seat sticker on my '07 show 2.2 bar for the front tire, one-up, cold:

Tyre pressure, front
2.2 bar, one-up, tyre cold
2.5 bar, two-up and/or with luggage, tyre cold

Tyre pressure, rear
2.5 bar, one-up, tyre cold

2.9 bar, two-up and/or with luggage, tyre cold
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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