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Correct Tire Pressure ?

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I just got a 2012 R1200R and was wondering what the correct tire pressure should be ? It came from the dealer with 32 PSI up front and 40 in the back. Cannot find any reference to what a good value is for one up riding.
Tedd Riggs
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BMW says: Front: 2.5 bars & Rear: 2.9 bars
That is:
Front: 36 psi
Rear: 42 psi
Regardless of whether you are riding solo, two-up, or two-up with luggage.
I know it sounds too tight, but I wore out my first set of BT-021 tires at those pressures and never had any slip or traction problems.

TeddRi, Don't you have an owners manual ???
You can download one online.
Tire construction and rubber compounds are always being tested and evaluated. The grip, wet & dry, of tires on the newer BMWs has improved to the point that they are safe on the street at these pressures, and give longer tread life as well.
36F/42R or 2.5barF/2.9barR for your camhead.IMHO
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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