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Hi,could somebody please tell what the measurment is from both ends of th cylinder heads,on a r1200r.The reason i need to know this is because i am wanting to buy this bike,and have a shed to put it in with a fairly narrow door.h

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Like Hoshiko said, the bar ends and mirrors are wider.
With bags attached, the rear is wide, also. I did a rough measurement.
You should be able to carefully "wiggle" it through a 90 cm. opening.
Cylinder heads alone seem to be less than 80 cm.
Maybe about 80 with guards attached. Crash bars, a bit wider?
I got different dimensions from 2 websites.
2007 R1200R:
L 2,145 mm (84.4 in)
W 872 mm (34.3 in)
H 1,285 mm (50.6 in)

2012 R1200R:
Overall height: 1,273 mm (50.1 inches)
Overall length: 2,145 mm (84.4 inches)
Overall width: 906 mm (35.7 inches)
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