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In the hope this topic does fit the 'technical' branch (and apology if not),
And also in the hope some might find this post useful (I know I would have),
I would like to share the following details:

First, in case there is still uncertainty about whether r1200rLC-screens and r1250-screens are interchangeable - based on my own experience they are not (while the brackets of my 2016 1200 and 2020 1250 seemed the same at a glance, my 2016 1200 OEM sport screen would not fit the 2020 1250 bracket)

Second, as someone who prefers minimal wind deflection (few weeks ago ridden 8 hours straight/~600miles highways at ~ 75mph (with coffee breaks only) without any windscreen on my r1250r and have been very happy/comfortable ), I have decided to go w/ a flyscreen and only for the sake of protecting the TFT,
However w/ a price-tag of nearly $180 for the BMW one (which seems like a good fit for my needs)

Font Screenshot Multimedia Fashion accessory Bumper

I am still looking for other available alternatives,
And also been looking for a temporary TFT-protection till I find a permanent flyscreen,
And I have found internet posts about DIY, and thanks to/following this youtube video: V-Strom DIY "Small" Windscreen. Easy!
I have created the following minimal-windscreen (recipe: ~2.4mm Acrylic sheet (not to be confused w/ Polycarbonate, and note Amazon also has those in tinted/opaque/different colors), cut as per desired shape/template, sand, heat in oven 250f for 3min then press against a curve/cylinder (e.g. our big kitchen trash can) to get it curved, drill holes and done)

I have had hard time finding a shape that would (1) satisfy my bare-minimum requirement, and (2) decently protect the TFT, and (3) would not be too eyesore given limited ability to shape,
And after toying with a shape of H and dumping it (not enough TFT protection) I have compromised on the bottom shape (shown below) till I find a shape I like better -
Please share any templates/shapes you might have in mind

The shapes/templates I have come up with:
Wood Beige Font Tints and shades Circle

And I have ended up with the bottom one, and few comments here:
  • As could be seen, I (had followed a tip from another video, and) have cut it in half: this eliminated the struggle to ensure symmetries e.g. in L-vs-R sides corners; that half could then be drawn on the sheet, and then flipped and re-drawn to complete the shape
  • When the half is positioned for 2nd draw (to complete the shape), one could shift it horizontally so it is closer/farther apart from the already-drawn half, to have the shift compensate for the fact that when the full shape is curved (the baking phase), the holes get closer to each other

and this is how it looks:

Fuel tank Tire Vehicle Motorcycle Automotive lighting

Tire Plant Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle

Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Motorcycle Fuel tank

p.s. needless to say one must also have the screen-mount bracket i.e. part #4 in diagram below,
And as my r1250r already had it installed I have ended up ordering only the following parts (and will install the spoiler/scoop later on as i am curios to compare riding w/ vs. w/out it):
Ordered from

Line Slope Font Art Auto part

Font Parallel Rectangle Number Screenshot

I am fully aware my amateur creation falls far way too short of the standards of the gifted/masters-of-creations among us (re @mikeS, @Panzermann and the likes) - and for that you have our/the struggling amateurs' apology

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No apologies needed - everyone benefits from your post.
Truly thank you for your kind and positive feedback,
It is just that for those creations-gifted - who, when given the same materials and tools, would create an F35 cockpit cover replacement - to the specs - in less time and effort if you left them alone unsupervised - this is a pre-kindergarden/womb-level project
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