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maybe Audi already had their say on that one (after all they did declare "war" on BMW motorcycles).. can't wait though to see what Ducati is going to come out with in the next few years now that Audi gets to play along in the two-wheeled world :)

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I was considering the Diavel before I got my 1200. I loved the feel, but it didn't have heated grips or bags, and the pillion position was pretty much having her thighs wrapped around my head. . .not a bad thing but a little distracting. . .. the Strada seems to answer all of those issues. ..not enough to have me trade, but I agree, I'll bet Audi told them they had to have a bike with marginal utility as well as sex.

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Not a fan, I like the bike on it's original form, naked looks good.
In 2008 I was on the search of a new motorcycle, went to a BMW Ducati stealership in Charleston SC, mostly to see the F800GS but they had a Duc GT1000, what a nice looking bike.



L-twin cylinder, 2 valve per cylinder Desmodromic, air cooled

992 cc

Bore x stroke
94 x 71,5 mm

Compression Ratio

67.7 KW - 92 HP @ 8000 rpm

91.1 Nm - 9.3 Kgm @ 6000 rpm

Fuel injection
Marelli electronic fuel injection, 45 mm throttle body

Chromed, stainless steel exhaust system

Euro 3


6 speeds

1st 37/15, 2nd 30/17, 3rd 27/20, 4th 24/22, 5th 23/24, 6th 24/28

Primary drive
Straight cut gears ratio 33/61

Final drive
Sprocket/ring gear ratio 15/39

Wet multiplate with hydraulic control


Tubular steel trellis frame

56,1 in


Steering Angle

Front suspension
43 mm Marzocchi upside-down fork

Front wheel travel
4,7 in

Front wheel
Spoke wheel with chromed steel rim, 3.50 x 17

Front tire
120/70 - 17 with air tube

Rear suspension
Twin shock absorbers, with frontal cam system spring preload

Rear wheel travel
5,2 in

Rear wheel
Spoke wheel with chromed steel rim, 5.50 x 17

Rear tire
180/55 - 17 with air tube

Front brake
2 x 320 mm semi-floating discs, floating caliper 2-piston (30-32 mm diameter )

Rear brake
245 mm disc, 1-piston (34 mm diameter) floating caliper with sintered pads

Fuel tank capacity
15 lt (of which 3,5 reserve)

407 lbs

Seat height
32,6 in

Max height
41,7 in

Max length
85,8 in

Electronic panel: speedometer, rev counter, warning light for low oil pressure, indicators for high beam, fuel reserve, turn signals, LCD clock, trip fuel, immobilizer.

I don't really know how I walked out of that place without that bike, but not much regret, I ended up with a great FZ6 for half of the GT's price, and now I'm a happy owner of Beemers version of the GT on steroids.

I'm still waiting for that 850 roadster they mentioned 2-3 months ago.

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Nah, not a fan. Reminds me a little of a chopper :)

If I was looking at Ducati's it would either be a Monster796 or a Multistrada. The former similar to our R1200's in terms of market/functionality and the Multistrada as a R1200 compliment.

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Clem, I'm sure you have seen this bike in person, I saw a video back when they made it for Japan only market couple of years ago, now, big H is bringing it to Amurrika, if I had garage space, this one would be a most.
Honda CB1100

The Kawi W800 could be another contender.

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Yeah, CB1100. Sweeet. About as classic styling that you can get, and still see a ton of them on the road for that reason. Must admit, I like 'em. Glad Honda America is bringing it over. The Kawasaki twin has a large retro "club" following here. (Knee boots and goggles) Reminds me of the Triumph Bonneville back in 1969. Great sound. More of a "poser" than the Honda, but if you're not in a hurry to get anywhere, it has an addictive drone. Kawa makes an Estrella 250cc single version that is a great beginner's bike. Nostalgic.

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I still say the Ducati is sex, now with luggage. . .my 1200 is still my faithful girl, but the Diavel is one spicy meatball. . . .
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