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Ecu mapped!

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Checked in at a dealer yesterday and asked for a quick look see because I felt my 2012 Classic was a little sluggish after a 1200 mile trip. Everything checked out ok; but while i was there, the dealer mentioned that the dealership was now able to re-map the cpu's on the R1200R, for better performance. He suggested that i take his demo bike, which he had re-mapped, out for a test ride to see if i was abel to notice any difference. I certainly did; throttle response was much improved, followed by increased torque and power. I gave him the bike for the re-mapping and was amazed, a few hours later, when i took the bike out for the trip back home. Just like the demo bike, throttle response, torque and power all noticeably improved, both on the graphs that the dealer provided and on the road, where it counts. I highly recommend this procedure.
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I called my dealer today and they said there is no new flash or maps available for my 2011. Maybe a couple other people call their dealers to see if mine is just last to know.
Clem- I'd just like to change it's target AFR's more for power, with power commander you have the ability to switch between maps. So say you have a spirited ride through some twisties and don't want to burn the extra fuel on the ride home on the interstate. have the stock map stored, bada bing bada boom. you can get a little switch to change on the fly. I'd say he did have the las laugh :D
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