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ESA questions...

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Ok, I posted this also on the MOA forums but I'm dying to get input from R1200R owners with ESA.... how/what do you do with yours? What is your experience with it when riding 1up? When do you use the different modes?

feedback is what I'm looking for... I've played around with it, but riding around town at usually less than 50mph and not doing any hard riding it's tough to tell much difference? Is there a safety advantage to one mode over another?
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There are definite differences in the settings but I leave mine in sport 95% of the time. Comfort is good if you are going down a gravel road or something similar but I don't like the dive in corners.
Comfort mode is good when your Sheila is along.
If I brought her along that would kind of defeat the purpose of the bike :D
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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