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I have a request for ALL the R1200R Forum members.
Would you please go to the Quick Links tab and open the Calendar.
There you can Add Events.
Other riders planning to be touring through your area will be alerted.
All too often, members only learn about area events they would have wanted to go to and participate in, but they did not know about it until afterwards.
Local Bike Nights, Group Rides, Dealer events, BMW owners rally. GP race schedule. AMA & WERA race schedules. Motorcycle shows. Cycle gear Trade Fairs. Dates for rider discounts and group buys. New model releases. Recall dates.
You know, rider information.
The more info. that's on there, the better informed the Forum readers will be. After all, It's OUR Forum. Let's add some detail & color! Thanks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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