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Can tell you put a lot of time into doing those mods, Hoshiko.
Labors of love? You should go into the aftermarket exhaust business.
Those lights are gonna' get you lots of attention!
By the way, when I first noticed your post title with LEDs
mixed in with all the other SPAM on the page,
my first reaction was,
"Doggone spammers are getting clever !"
Mixing exhaust and hand guards vocabulary with
another LED spam post.
Then I saw your name, and knew it was a genuine member's post.
It's NOT a BOT, it's Hoshiko!
It's getting harder find the genuine Roadster posts
among all the other crap splattered on the wall.
Thanks for another good post,
you vertically endowed New Yorker!!

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Hey Clem,
Funny you mentioned the title of my post, I spend a good minute thinking how to name it so people knew it was not one of the 99% other posts in here, sad but true.

I don't think you can see in the video, may be because I did it with my iphone or may be because my bike is so dirty or it's not as dark, but I have several feet of black reflective tape on the frame.

Those lights are great for night riding in the city, they won't help at all to see more but people including bicyclist, walkers, cagers, horse riders and all you can encounter in the city like NY will see you.

I hope more people join and participate on this forum so the owners take care of it.

Ride safe everyone.

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Nice; it looks like it's made to fit any handguard with a clip? yes?
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