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First of all, thanks to @Panzerman and my local dealer, I had a set of Road 5's installed to my R1200R, and I have had a chance to get them out on the local coastal roads for some proper evaluation.

I think for the heavy-ish R1200R these are a step up from the stock PR4's. They are somewhat more rigid, like a GT type tire, but are still pliable enough to really give excellent feedback to the rider.

I don't typically rip a road up like Joey Dunlop did, especially now that I am an old fart on a semi-stodgy bike, but last week I was feeling pretty confident and a bit adventurous so I had a bit of high speed fun up on my Go-To twisty road. (California Route One, from Mill Valley to Tomales)
I found that the Road5's are totally under control even under some fairly demanding cornering, and hold the line you take, even when the road undulates or has a lot of torn up pavement.

Combined with the ESA the ride has a plush, but "planted" feeling, even with a lot of lean, the shoulders aren't likely to lose grip while hard on the gas in corner exits.

Oddly, my fuel economy has been a couple of miles per gallon better, too. Not sure if tires are the reason, but it was noticeable.

I like these a lot! I don't mind saying, "Get yours today!"
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