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I bought this before I even got my bike in May, 2018. Never been out of the box before today. Was intending fitting this as soon as I got my brand new bike home after reading about other R1200R owners bemoaning the woeful performance of the OE mudguard but bought and fitted a Pyramid fibreglass item instead. The Pyramid item gives an extra 7" rear coverage over the OE item. The Wunderlich one gives nearly 6" (145 mm) extra. In the current Wunderlich catalogue its priced at 119.90 Euros, it is also listed as fitting the F800R and the R1250R as well as the R1200R.
I bought mine for £85 - so I'm looking for £50.00 ono including postage anywhere in the UK (I live in Aberdeen if anyone prefers to pick it up). Thanks for looking, pm me if interested.

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