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Sorry.....not the right place to start a thread but new someone would look at this.
I can add another album title but there is no prompt to let me download any photos.
I've done it successfully before!,,,maybe im going bonkers.


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Post Pics??

It's frustrating sometimes for me, also. I'm analog.
NO, there IS NOT any promp to post photos.
Open and log into your Photobucket account.
Upload your pictures from your computer files to your selected Photobucket album.
Click on the photo you wish to post in top Right corner. Get links. Left Click.
Then Left click on IGM CODE.
It will tell you "Copied"
Then go back to the Forum thread.
Right click and Paste the IGM code.
Then. preview your post to verify the photo and
whatever message you have included.
If it's OK, click POST.
If you need to edit your post, do so and hit Preview Post again.
If you take too long, you'll time out and have to start again. Therefore decide what you want to post before you start.
Otherwise, one may compose your post completely in a separate file, copy the entire thing as one CUT, and PASTE it all into your thread with one click. You won't run any risk of timing out then.
Good Luck.

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Now, Erin - say 'thank you' to the nice man. And no nasty uncalled-for (and inaccurate) cracks about convict ancestors please.

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