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Greenville, SC advice?

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Anyone stay/ride in/near Greenville, SC? Planning a mountain trip WAY in advance and need some 411. Good cheap lodging (cabin or motel - I'm NOT a camper), not-to-be-missed routes/roads, not-to-be-missed sights? I know and have visited all the usual suspects in NC; BRP, Dragon, NC 80, etc. but never stayed in Greenville before.


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I don't know how Clem gets that info from JP. I lived in Charleston SC for almost a year and visited Greenville and still can't get any advice.
We went to a wedding on a farm 30 minutes from downtown, and stayed on one of the farm's rooms. It was cheap, like $50 a night with breakfast included, lots of mountains to ride around and not to many cages. Black mountain, or black bear mountain, or bear mountain, or something like that was the town called.
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