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R1250 R, S1000 XR (is that a swear word here?!!) and a Ducati 998 FE (definitely a swear word!!!)
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Greetings all!

Glad to join this forum and the wealth of knowledge on the R1250R. After 3 x GSes (1200 LC, 1200 Triple Black, 1250rallye HP) which I put on a combined 100k miles on on/off-road, I wanted a smaller and more nimble road-focused bike with the same pull/drive/torque(!) of the 1250 motor. I had tried the RS but found the handling to be slower and less inspiring compared to the GS (mainly because of the GSes shorter final drive ratio and different geo). And then I saw that the R had a far shorter wheelbase compared to the RS but the same longer final drive ratios for more relaxed cruising (I often found myself looking for the 7th gear on the GS when doing fast road work). The gear ratios of the RS were great for fast road work, but the long wheel base did not make it a fun bike to hustle and flicflac through traffic.

The decision was made when my GS had the TFT, Nav6, and Akra stolen. Cost to replace/repair was 3k when I called up BMW. Then they said, it is month end and can do a deal on a new bike but it has to be registered in the next 48hrs, and the bike must be in stock. “What’s in stock?” I asked…
Cost to change from my 3 year old GS for a brand new R was only 2k - less than the cost of repairing the damage. Deal was done! And I hadn’t even ridden the R yet when I signed the deal, although on-paper stats suggested it would be bang-on-the-money for what I was looking for.
I have been brilliantly surprised by the R. The lack of weight means it has even better drive from the 1250 than either the GS or RS. It pulls like a scalded locomotive! And the short wheelbase makes it huge fun through the twisties. It is a big hearted 105lb/ft twisting motor in a compact chassis with all the modcons. Being naked, it helps keep my speed down.

A few improvements to make it my own - a fun machine with some practicalities:
  • Swapped the oem PR4s for new Dunlop Mutants - great for light greenlaning when necessary and still very sticky on tarmac with a more responsive front tyre profile.
  • Matt Xpel PPF and had it ceramic coated.
  • Remus Black Hawk exhaust with baffle out - a great noise to be ‘seen’ and crackles on the overrun.
  • BMW High Sports seat for better ergos so I’m not sat ‘in’ the bike and knees are stretched out better.
  • Mudsling to protect the rear shock.
  • BMW oem Nano LED auxlights for brighter integrated lighting.
  • MachineArt foglight carriers to keep the lighting inboard.
  • Anti-vibe wireless charging Quadlock.
  • Wunderlich radiator grill protection.
  • Evo-Tech front engine guard.
  • Wunderlich screen mount with scoop.
  • Tinted BMW sports flyscreen.
  • MRA Tour X-screen to improve airflow.
Also, although it is the outgoing matt pollux Exclusive model (gold forks a must!), BMW updated the software and it now has the Sports display option from the HP model which is nice.

Looking forward to learning more on this forum!

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Welcome, and I am with you on the look and sound of the Remus. I was also interested to read your comments on the tyres as they look better than stock and clearly work - I am considering the Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp as they have a neat looking tread pattern, but perhaps I now have another option!

Regards, Pete.
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