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Hello from the Black Hills of South Dakota!

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Hello. I've posted a couple things on here before, but today I got my brand spanking new R1200R and I am super happy with it. Has ASC, heated grips, and the luggage mount.

I traded in my KLR, and while the BMW was almost triple the money, I dare say it is also triple the bike. So much power, but very controllable and smooth. Handles much better, far more comfortable. Not an ounce of buyer's remorse :D

In short, I am stoked.

A little about me: Originally from Norway, but have lived in the States since '97. Now in the Black Hills of South Dakota, which I like a lot. I have to give kudos to the dealer, Sturgis Motorsports (aka Sturgis BMW). They gave me a good trade in, and a below sticker price on the new bike.

Grinning from ear to ear :D
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Congrats on the new ride. As you've discovered it is a great bike and as you'll find out, it only gets better the more you ride it. Happy and safe riding.
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