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Hi everyone;

I'm a new owner of a used r1200r. I've been wanting one for while and finally made the leap from my cherished VFR800 to the German boxer.

First of all I am really enjoying the ride for the most part. The build quality, ease of maintenance access, naked view without a fairing, low c of g maneuverability, powerful brakes, suspension, no chain, the list goes on.

However I have a significant concern / irritant which I hope has a solution that I can get some help with.
Throttle response during acceleration and cruising speeds is excellent, but low speed throttle response, specifically at 40kph and lower is absolutely horrible.

If I want to regulate the speed with throttle, for example reduce from 40 kph to 35kph, even when consciously tweaking the throttle off as accurately as possible, the engine responds with a huge throttle cut and subsequently I'm lurched forward against the tank. Very uncomfortable and frustrating. At the end of my ride my long street is a 40kph limit, and I like to respect that for my neighbours and kids in the area. However I already dread the end of my ride's 40kph cruise because of this ridiculously sensitive throttle.

Is this normal? A function of BMW's fuel injections system? A function of the shaft drive Paralever? If so, then I will just have to suck it up and learn to live with the disappointment of this poor low speed throttle control. However if there is a solution out there that someone can enlighten to, I'm all up for learning it please.

Within a day of owning the bike, then researching this concern, I ordered the "Booster Plug" without hesitation because many of the reviews were highlighting the same symptoms I was experiencing and that the BP solved the lurching, hesitation, low throttle response problem. To my great dismay, there was zero difference in how the low throttle response handled the low speeds. Below are some quotes that parallel my experience.

I hope this thread will generate a solution that I have missed. Throttle cable adjustment? (seems to have the appropriate amount of play however) Should I be visiting a Motorrad dealer with this problem? Could the Booster Plug I installed actually be defective? (I plan on returning it and asking them to confirm its functionality)

Looking for help



2008 r1200r
stock bike mechanically.
Rear Paralever was replaced 2 years ago under warranty
All service routinely completed

It was in the tight switchbacks that an annoying trait of the fuel injection mapping reared its ugly head. When rolling off the throttle, the bike doesn't gradually decelerate in proportion to the throttle position, it lurches forward, snapping up all the slack in the drive line. This often results in a jerk to the rider's body and a corresponding lurch in the throttle hand, further exacerbating the situation. The experience is vaguely K-bike familiar, in the sense that the throttle is very sensitive to small changes. But it's much more pronounced on deceleration, and I'm hoping that a few more miles, and perhaps a computer software update during the 600 mile service, will reduce or eliminate this behavior. It's not enough to ruin the ride, but it did have me paying more attention to my throttle hand and planning ahead to avoid full on throttle chops.

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Booster plug installed, very happy rider! Here's the story: My bike is a 2007 R1200R with 22.000 miles on it, which I have had now for about 3 months. As much as I love the bike, the one thing that always bugged me was the jerky throttle. Shifts took extreme concentration to execute smoothly and throttle roll-off was as if the engine had been shut off and somebody had tossed out an anchor. Needless to say, I was concentrating more on the throttle, instead of enjoying the ride. I decided, despite the cost, to try the booster plug. After studying all of the posts, the installation turned out to be quite simple and took me about 20 minutes. I have just come back from a 100 mile test drive and the difference is amazing. Shifts are now smooth without even thinking about it and throttle roll-on / roll-off is no longer jerky.*
So, does the booster plug work? For my bike, yes definitely. Am I imagining the difference? Definitely not. Is it worth 150 bucks? Well, lets not kid ourselves, it is overpriced but if you have the problems I had, absolutely worth the investment! Hope this helps some of you that might be "on the fence".

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hmmm.. just from what you put it sounds like your bike is having issues going from closed loop to open loop or vice versa. First thing to check is throttle position, it seems if it were a sensor or other input issue it would set a mil light. I'm not very familiar with the older r's either so the advice I'm giving is relative to how my '11 monitors fuel.. have you had a shaft drive previously? seems the vfr12 is a shaft not so sure about the 800. To keep your nuggets off the tank I'd recommend modifying your seat or getting a different reshaped unit. Mine looks stock but compared my ass sits about 2 inches further back and lower bc I got tired of feeling the boxer kill my future generations of trolling insomniacs. :death: <--- stock seat

just an idea. it doesn't really solve your issue but some of the jerkiness is the nature of the shaft drive, throttle control, and possibly mechanical issues.

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I'm glad that the Booster Plug fixed the problem, but I have to say that I'm surprised the problem existed in the first place. I had a 2007 GS (same engine) as well as a 2008 GS and a 2010 GS. I now own a 2012 R1200R and none of those bikes had the symptoms you describe. I suspect there is some other problem that the installation of the Booster Plug has hidden.

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I agree with Avocet. Your bike is not behaving normally. It could be a computer problem, or a fuel delivery issue, but I would pull the Booster plug and take it to the dealer.
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