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Hi from Japan

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Ordered a new DOHC R1200R early May.:)
Anxiously awaiting delivery.
Smoke grey metallic matte. WTF? (oxymoron?)
I'm gonna' call it my Ural, tongue in cheek. :rolleyes:
Color doesn't look like any BMW I've ever owned.

Parting is such sweet sorrow.:(
Really going to miss my red 1996 R1100R.
15 glorious years together!!!
Fantastic bike! LOVE it!!!
But time has come for the changing of the guard.

My silver 2004 R1150R will have to pacify me
until the new kid on the block arrives.

Also Looking forward to exchanging ideas and opinions with Forum members.
I will need your help.
Can't wait to learn all about the new DOHC engine.
Life is GOOD !:D
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Poor thing that only one person welcomed you. Let me be the second person to say "Welcome to the forum!" Well, technically I am the first person. After reading Hoshiko's post, he didn't actually welcome you. :)

I am sure you will fit in well here. :wink2:

Take care.
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I just googled the color of your bike. Nice color. The dark grays/silvers are my favorite shade for vehicles. It is cool that yours has a matte finish.

I would imagine it is easier to take care of (IDK). The shade makes it look more exclusive compared to the other usual colors that bikes come in.
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