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How to ban spammers???

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Hey everyone,

I don't know you but I'm getting to the limit of my patience with the spammers, I'm talking about the golf clubs, led lights and if it wasn't enough, now the boots. :mad::mad:

I belong to several forums, bikes, rc toys, cameras, neighborhood etc and this one in here is the only one where the spammers post more then the members.:(:(

I sent a message to the administrator last week with no response and obviously the problem is not fixed yet.:confused::confused:

There are some other forums with members interested on the R1200R but this one specialize on it. :D:D

Any comments or ideas or, if anyone know the administrator, or you get annoyed as me, send a message to the administrator please.;)

Thanks and have a safe ride.
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I am sick to death of all this spam and the spamming swine who post on here.

Unless something is done about this I'm taking myself and my R1200R somewhere else.

Has the forum admin retired or what.

Come on man do something about it !!!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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