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How to ban spammers???

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Hey everyone,

I don't know you but I'm getting to the limit of my patience with the spammers, I'm talking about the golf clubs, led lights and if it wasn't enough, now the boots. :mad::mad:

I belong to several forums, bikes, rc toys, cameras, neighborhood etc and this one in here is the only one where the spammers post more then the members.:(:(

I sent a message to the administrator last week with no response and obviously the problem is not fixed yet.:confused::confused:

There are some other forums with members interested on the R1200R but this one specialize on it. :D:D

Any comments or ideas or, if anyone know the administrator, or you get annoyed as me, send a message to the administrator please.;)

Thanks and have a safe ride.
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yeah, everyone hate spammers. I have so much hate that when I register to some site, they would say that I am a spammer! Imagine that?:mad:
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