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How to ban spammers???

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Hey everyone,

I don't know you but I'm getting to the limit of my patience with the spammers, I'm talking about the golf clubs, led lights and if it wasn't enough, now the boots. :mad::mad:

I belong to several forums, bikes, rc toys, cameras, neighborhood etc and this one in here is the only one where the spammers post more then the members.:(:(

I sent a message to the administrator last week with no response and obviously the problem is not fixed yet.:confused::confused:

There are some other forums with members interested on the R1200R but this one specialize on it. :D:D

Any comments or ideas or, if anyone know the administrator, or you get annoyed as me, send a message to the administrator please.;)

Thanks and have a safe ride.
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Ban the Spammers

+1 Ban the Spammers!
Hoshiko, You said it for all of us!
I tactfully asked some to go play elsewhere.
Complained about others.
Sent a request to the Forum Moderators a couple months ago.
No reply.
No improvement, either.
There must be a way to preserve this opportunity
for BMW Roadster fans to communicate,
and not let spam ruin it for all.
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Hope for the new year

I like ham, and fresh clam, but I'm not a big fan of spam.
Wonder if happydays would take a headlong flying leap into a pigsty ?
There, perchance to find interesting conversation about
how to generate large amounts of electricity.
Surely enough hot air to make a wind turbine spin.
And if the hot air should turn cold,
there are plenty of cheap sports jerseys and
Moncler coats to keep cozy as well as comfortable.

Please, be my guest.
And quit littering this R1200R bike forum with spam.

Happy New Year!
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May I have more SPAM, please?

That's just GREAT !!!
First the Chinese, then spam in Japanese, and now in French ?:eek:
Is this an R1200R Forum, or an international SPAM convention?
Maybe if the site admin(s) don't have time to ban the spammers and delete their trash they should appoint a few other enthusiastic members who'd be happy to do a bit of policing.
Dear Officer SteelD
Please use "Un-necessary Force"
Count me "IN"

I never received any messages from you guys... sorry about that.

Best way to get me is to send me a PM.

If anyone wants to help out and be on staff, I can give you the power to Nuke these guys with one touch.

Let me know if this is something you guys are interested in helping with.

Sincerely, THANK YOU, Stew.
I am also willing to work, serve on staff, help in any way needed.
This IS something I am interested in helping with.
Nothing would give me ( us ) more pleasure than to preserve this site.
I have sent messages several times via the "Contact Us" on the Search bar.
Count me IN.
Have gun. Will travel.
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