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Hey everybody. I'm potentially in the market for an R1200R and just discovered this site. Huge BMW fan myself.

There seems to be a wealth of information on here that I intend to take advantage of, thanks. Expect a few silly questions as I'm a new rider...forgive me!

First one: I found a 2008, black, with 16,400 miles listed for $8,998. Its got ABS(which I believe wasn't standard that year) and heated grips/computer(which I think was standard, but the dealer said were options). Does this sounds like a decent deal? If not, what would be?

Second: What's the consensus on whether or not this would be fine as a first bike? I'm taking the MSF course this weekend. I'm relatively young(28), but I've had enough close calls(work related) as it is...Trust me, I'm not the type that will hop on and try to kill myself. I understand new riders are likely to drop it, which is why I'd rather buy one used.

Anyways, apologies for the lengthy first post. Appreciate any replies.
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