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To drive dimmable LED tube lighting fixtures such as LED tube light and LED grid light, a semiconductor manufacturer recently introduced a switch dimmable LED driver product, which uses integrated circuit to dim LED lights brightness to four different levels. This new LED driver product is designed to be simple for use and compatible with any existing standard light switch.
This switch dimmable LED driver offers an attractive alternative to TRIAC dimming driver because it enables dimming of LED tube lights in any location, provides better quality light source without flicker, and increases energy efficiency of LED lights through the reduction of the excess circuitry required to accommodate the holding current of the TRIAC dimmer. In addition, the new LED driver product does not require installation of a wall dimmer.
The switch dimmable LED driver is considered to be an ideal driver solution for dimmable LED lighting applications. It utilizes an average-mode current control method to regulate output current, so no loop compensation is required, and quick and accurate response to input voltage fluctuations are possible. The LED driver product is currently available in SOIC-8 and SOIC-16 packages.
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