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They have a very wide range of applications. LED tube light sources are divided into internal and street. Today they are used to illuminate the highways, streets, yards, bridges (a bridge over the railroad tracks, which leads to Baltrayon, are our LED tube) are used to illuminate buildings, historic monuments, advertising structures, fountains, tunnels. This coverage is used in industrial and office buildings, hotels, bars, restaurants, homes, cottage, etc. The reliability of LED tube lights sources you can use them in remote places for frequent replacement (recessed ceiling lights, suspended ceilings inside, and so on). For traffic lights and road signs are also used LEDs.
All LED tube produce UOMZ adapted to the existing electrical network, which allows you to easily convert coverage. Prospects for LED technology is very broad, such as the use of lighting for airports, marine waters of channels, where it is very important reliability and ease of maintenance. Experts claim that the transition to LED tube light will save up to 70%. Not for nothing, even the federal government took care of this problem. It is clear that the implementation of energy efficiency programs in our region can significantly affect the energy savings.
Thus, in the area Gurievsk developed the first in our area of municipal energy efficiency program. Strategy and implementation of energy conservation policies aimed at efficient use of energy resources, reduce costs and increase the district budget quality of life. It is assumed that the implementation of energy efficiency programs will reduce the average specific energy consumption by more than 30%. LED tube lights are considerably superior to traditional light bulbs in their lighting and operational parameters. For the benefit of outdoor LED light source is reflected not only their energy-saving features, and moisture resistance, frost resistance, durability, bright light, saving on maintenance.
Six of our lighting fixtures installed on the bridge and 22 - in the park area in Krasnoznamensk. Energy saving program in Russia was the second year in the framework of its many organizations and companies have already begun upgrading lighting and lighting equipment.
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