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Apologies for misrepresenting the tyre. It was and is a ROADTEC not a Sportec and I mistakenly wrote.

Eight months back and 6.5K kilometres later (4000 miles) I’ve noticed the Metzler Roadtec rear tyre has worn severely on the right side ie. Down-Under road camber side, (opposite in the US). I’ve always noticed the front tyre shows uneven wear which I've put down to road camber, but this on the rear seems extreme. Has anyone else riding an R1200R LC experienced a similar wear pattern on their rear tyre?

Yes I've considered right corners are slightly longer than left turns and that riding in the hills that sight distance is greater on right bends and this might suggest one takes these corners faster than left turns, but hey I'm clutching at straws for a reasonable explanation as this wear is like nothing I’ve ever experienced on any bike or tyre.

I definitely won't be recommending Metzler Sportec, as this wear only after 6,500 kilometres isn't exactly economical motorcycling.

Will return to Michelin pilot road 5 GT… unless someone knows something better?
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Any comments would be appreciated… well within reason.
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