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Mounting a Givi S650 child seat

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I'm sure everyone has opinions concerning children on motorcycles. If you don't like it, click the "back" button at the top left of your browser and go about your day. This topic is looking for input on the technical aspects of fitting a seat.

I purchased a Givi S650 from overseas with the intent of helping to secure my daughter on the back of my bike. I'm not crazy about the idea of strapping us together, or somehow tethering her to the bike. I like the S650 because it's a durable but flexible rubber and gives enough support to hold a child in place without attaching them. As I'm sure is not surprising to anyone, there's not a huge market for motorcycle or scooter-oriented child seats.

The issue is that the fixing system is not compatible with the pillion seat on the R. I tried it on my F650GS as well, and it wasn't really any better. I've never owned a scooter, but it seems the brackets are intended to hook on a thin but deep lip around the perimeter of the seat pan. The R's seat is more or less flat around its perimeter, which means the bracket protrudes far too much to allow the pillion seat to mount and latch. There are four brackets to attach the seat, and matching threaded holes sunk in the seat itself to which they can be bolted.
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I'm looking for suggestions on how to make this work. I could simply bend the hooks on the brackets wider open, but given the angle of bend which would be required I tend to think the metal would fatigue and snap. I could look to put together my own brackets somehow, but I'm frankly not sure what kind of hardware would even begin to work for that.

To be honest, I'm leaning toward fitting some metal buckles to the seat, getting a tougher and stronger strap of thicker nylon, and forgoing the metal bracket pieces altogether. Again, there's no seat belt involved, so the brackets aren't providing some advantage of keeping the child in place on the bike. They're really just there to keep the seat from sliding around. This was frankly what I expected to begin with, and I believe the seat previously came with this kind of setup. You can see in these images (borrowed from an Amazon listing) that the seat at some point came with buckles and straps only, then switched to the current setup with hooked brackets.
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Any ideas? I'm sure there are people smarter than me reading this.

To ever so briefly touch on the subject, yes I love my daughter, yes motorcycles are dangerous, and on a long enough timeline everyone's survival rate drops to zero. She's equipped with the same Snell-certified, 5-star UK SHARP-rated Shoei helmet that I wear, in her size. As we get ready for higher speeds we're gearing up with jacket, gloves, etc. We're not traveling long-distance at high speeds, but only around the neighborhood or on local surface streets. I lived in southeast Asia for two years, and if they aren't dying en masse there I think we'll be okay.
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Hi Trogdor
I have no qualms with kids, dogs even monkeys on bikes.
This might be an option, not necessarily the cheapest but could be a possibility.

Prehaps if you could source a used rear seat from a breakers, you could make your own rack / child seat mounting plate and fasten it to that and just put that on your bike when you have Daughter with you.
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That’s a good idea; hadn’t even considered that. Might be easier and faster too, to remove and install. Thanks!
As someone who rode in the back of pick up trucks and on the gas tank in front of may Dad on motorcycles as a kid, that is cool that you take the kids on rides, they will remember that for a long time.

Would some sort of custom seat for the stock location on the stock pan and a back rest work? Less parts, not attaching something to something etc...
I realized I never came back to this topic, and who doesn't want to show off their kids, so here's an update.

I ended up using ballistic nylon straps, trimmed to length, with cam buckles to secure the seat to the bike. The seat comes with threaded inserts in place, so metal loops are attached to the seat, then the straps go through the loops. The front mounts go down and through the passenger peg brackets. The rears use a single strap that I'm routing under the luggage rack but over the tail light. Again, this is not a safety seat that she straps into; this is simply a child-sized seat to make sure she doesn't lose balance or otherwise endanger herself.

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The Moto Ballerina Princess, age 6, approves of this implementation and enjoys every ride. Here it is in practice:

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Ms. Princess is modelling for us:
  • Ixon Pro Indy gloves
  • BÜSE Breno pants
  • Alpinestars T-SPS jacket
  • Shoei RF-SR helmet
This picture was taken just before heading to the shop to pick up boots; she has hard shell Alpinestars Tech-3 boots. She also has child-sized earplugs, and we use Cardo units for comms. The gloves, jacket, and pants all came from FC-Moto because no one sells kids' gear in the US.

Ballet practice days are two of the best times of the week. We ride to and from the dance studio and chat the whole way. Several other girls have said they wish they could ride too.

I'm sure not everyone approves, but I think this is a happy medium in terms of risk. If motorcycling is too dangerous for my kids, then why do I do it? I feel it would be somewhat hypocritical to forbid them from something I do every day. Part of my goal is to teach my kiddos how to take responsible risks; this is a dangerous activity, but there's a lot we can do to mitigate the danger.
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The smile on her face says "ive got the coolest old man on the planet".😎
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The smile on her face says "ive got the coolest old man on the planet".😎
I dunno; ask her older brother and on a scale of PT Cruiser to Vanquish, I'm likely sitting closer to the Chrysler :p

(Cool Wall, for those unfamiliar:
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