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If I recall correctly, the GS-911reports the actual fault but not an actual code. I don’t have a Motoscan setup so can’t comment on what is displayed.

From 2016 though, BMW Motorrad had to make their bikes OBD2 compatible, which possibly facilitated Motoscan setting up their product, as the bike onboard data should be reporting the fault code.

Noting that OBD allows for some manufacturer-specific codes, most faults would likely fall under generic OBD codes (e.g. injector fault, cylinder bank 1). So if Motoscan reports simply a fault code number, it is likely that a Google search on that fault code would tell you the fault detail.

I haven’t searched for a while, but I’ve never seen a BMW Motorrad-specific fault code list. I expect that’s how the GS-911 manufacturers established their product - by reverse engineering via the diagnostic port.
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