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My 2020 "R" looks a bit different from new

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The day I brought it home,

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And a picture as of yesterday. I removed the Plasti-Dip I used from the headlight, radiator, coil, side, + exhaust covers, the intake snorkel and footpeg bracket and painted them with BMW's Black Storm Metallic paint. This is my first project using an airbrush, so the quality is as expected from a rookie. I've redone many of the repainted

Need to think about what's next...?

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Automotive tire
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r0ckrat is correct, that is the Sport seat and the headers were sent to Jet Hot for coating.

Pegs are from Rizoma,
PE795B, Peg Adaptors and
PE643B, Rizoma "Urban Protocol" Footpegs for stock Rearsets, 1 pair; adapters (not included) are required for mounting

Headlight cover is the stock piece painted black.

Mirrors are "CRG" Lanesplitters
So you used the PE795B adapters for the 1250R rider peg? I see them listed for the 1200R. Just want to confirm fitment. Thanks.
I’ve been looking for an adv alternative to stock. Just ordered these with the Rizoma Rally pegs.
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