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Bike needed BMW R1200R 2010 & up with a production date of 12-09 or later. New product release for the sport and high shield, the donor will receive two complimentary shields for his or her R1200R. We will also include another shield of choice for any other motorcycle shield offered on our site, not to mention we also provide a low mileage newer loaner bike. We pay 50.00 a day just to park it and it will only be used for some local road tests and pictures (less than 100 miles). This bike will be kept locked and babied inside our 60 K foot warehouse in the city of Montebello CA 90640. We’ll need the bike for about 7-10 business days and please be advised that Saturday, Sunday & Mondays will not be paid the 50.00 per day as we are not operational those days. We are a licensed insured and bonded manufacture that takes full liability in the unlikely event of any damages.

PM if you have interest...:):):)
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