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I picked up my '13 RR in New Philadelphia, Ohio on Friday. I rode home via mostly backroads for three days. Most riding required heated gear except for Sunday afternoon as I neared and passed through Asheville, NC with two hours still to home. Just shy of 800 miles for the inaugural ride.

First impressions: Definetly made the right choice of bike for me. I rode a little interstate (varying speed) and mostly the twisties through Ohio, W. VA, VA and NC. The Ztechnic Sport tour windscreen worked perfectly for me catching all the bugs except for two that got to my helmet shield, yet provided fresh air and no buffeting (I am 5'6"). Low suspension with Std. comfort seat is pretty good for me, not the comfort of my RSD on last bike, but acceptable and I was able to ride 8-12 hours a day with short breaks. I had some up/back risers Creative Cycle installed which helped me to maintain a near vertical position. I did notice a slight vibration in the mirrors between 137-141 mph until I shifted into 6 th. I am sure they just need some duct tape to steady (uh, just kidding).

I still can't figure out how to post pictures. I failed with photobucket and never got tech support..........Shutterfly is my latest effort. Registration is easy, I get lost after that.

So, I am ready for first service: Change the oil, filter and final drive.......... anything else? It was recommended to go to dealer for first service should there be any future warranty issues???
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