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Hello BMW owners, we are a great group... I am trading my 2008 F800st for a R1200R Classic will be ready for me tomorrow I am exited about it test drove it 2 weeks ago and I am ready to upgrade.
I am looking for those of you that have a classic version what is your opinion on the wheels I am not to crazy about the spoked wheels but my wife love them... are the wheels need any special care and what about long term relaibility?? any input would be great thanks.

I know this topic have been discussed here before but was not able to get feedback from classic owners.

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hey Isiriel21, congrats on the new bike, you'll love it and we'll love to see pics of it.

I personally like the 2011+ "non-classic" wheels better, and the matter of fact, they are cheaper.

I bet you'll be able to trade your spoke wheels with someone who likes that look on their R1200R
I love the Bike got it last friday been having tons of fun, question anybody knows of a Backrest for the passenger for our Bikes.??? I got the saddle cases but dont want a top case... Looking for a Backrest...
I'm there with you, i don't really like to have a back case, it kinds of ruins the looks.
Once in a while, my wife will go on a ride with me, and always complains about not having a back rest, since I had one on my other bike, looking around found that the Corbin seat, has a series of back rests that come from the actual seat, they are easy to remove and keep on one of your saddle bags.

The only down side is the price.
Corbin Motorcycle Seats & Accessories | BMW R1200 R | 800-538-7035


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+1 what Clem said, I was thinking on getting this backrest, even contacted Corbin to see if they will fit it on to my original seat but they won't.
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