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New here from New Hampshire

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Just go my 1st BMW Motorcycle. It's an 2010 R1200R. Looking to see if anybody has any good ideas for a top case that if fairly inexpensive to mount etc. I have the OEM BMW Side bags but no top case or Bracket. Was wondering if anybody has removed the tail cover any mounted some type of bracke there in it's place. Any help would be appreciated.

Mary - 2nd Chance
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Welcome 2C! You can, and I have, purchased very practical and solidly made top cases and universal brackets on eBay for 40-50 dollars. As far as I can tell, they are indistinguishable from more expensive cases like Givi.
Welcome. I'm lucky that my 2009 bike came with the BMW 28L topbox. Not the biggest box but with the panniers will do fine. If you don't have a passenger often have you thought about a tailpack?

Since you already have the saddle bags, I'll suggest you get a soft bag, you can put it on and take off in 1 minute, and won't have to deal with ugly mounting racks.

Please check this link:

And in this one you can see mine and also Yonderbob's with pictures and all the helpful stuff.

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