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New member in SE Vermont

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Hi folks. New member here. Sadly, I’m only here to sell a bike. Little kiddos at home , change of priorities, no time to ride. Hopefully I’ll be back sometime down the road!

seems I can’t post to the marketplace…? Any help appreciated! Trying to sell a well set up 2010 R1200R with 38k miles.

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Hi Ben, and welcome, even if only for a brief period.

Due to an increase in scamming activity, we’ve recently had to clamp down with some new embedded rules, one of which is no classified sales until after 5 posts. So it looks like we’ll be getting to know you a bit more before the bike is posted for sale.


Welcome Benny802 sorry to hear you're selling your bike. We're relative neighbors as I'm in southern NH, you're probably in the Brattleboro area?
Hi guys,

Thanks for the info Mark. I suppose I’ll have to post a few things, yes! And yes V-rider, I’m in the Brattleboro area, Putney to be exact. I actually work currently across the river in Westmoreland NH. I wish I could continue riding motorbikes but they don’t seem to make car seats for them, ha ha.
Also I see you had a V Strom, I previously had a DL1000. Fun bike, pretty darn fast too! Love the torque of engines like that….
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I still have the V Strom (as well as the Harley) but may be putting it up for sale soon. I great little bike but I find myself wanting to ride the 1200R more.
The R is a pretty fun bike! It has the torque of the V Strom but smoother. And the sound is great too!
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Going to miss this beauty but 3 little kids means no time to enjoy
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