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New Owner in WI, still waiting....

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After a long search and a number of test drives I decided on the '12 R1200R Classic. My local dealer made a dealer trade and I'm hoping to have my bike for "BMW Bike Night" at a local establishment next Thursday.

Having ridden a number of other bikes (Ducati, Triumph and (gasp) Harley) the R1200R made my decision an easy one. I'm a little too old to be leaning over the tank and didn't feel like I was giving up (much) along the lines of performance with this bike. And what a beauty....

Can't wait and will post pictures when it finally arrives.

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It's cool there are enough bimmers in your area that you can have a night. I'm afraid in my area they are few and far between. Hoshiko, he's from WI check the title :rolleyes:
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